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Art is the substance of Faith
--The Very Reverend Alan Jones


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2001 - 2003

Cartoon: Around the Korner

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I started Around the Korner several years ago. I keep adding as inspiration hits.

Updated: 040903

My Art Notes

art concepts Updated: 041303

My art notes started as scribbles from books in my sketchbook. Then I decided, what if I gathered all my notes in one place and tacked them into each of my Art Journals.

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Some Art Pics

  • 072302: 20-27 I had such a vivid dream

An Art Timeline of Sorts - Sometime between Jan 2003 to June 2003

  • Line Gabrielle - I was doing a series of xwp folks as paintings. I started Gabrielle and the outline came out so well I just couldn't face the possibility of putting paint on it and ruining the picture. So, yes, I know the lips are a bit exxaggerated, but damn I love the impish smile. (Januarish)

  • Ares - He was just plain fun to paint. He *wanted* to be painted. I was trying to do something "new" with the background, because Kym pointed out that I wqas going with a particular color as background a whole lot. So I went bright. I don't know what I was thinking, but I am relieved to say that it seemed to work.

  • The Tree - Then I was watching Jerry Yarnell and had an epiphany about trees and paint and I had to try it and lo, it was good. (Sometime right after)

  • Color Man - Then - in late April, early May - I read this book and it had a section on color that just blew me away and I had to try it. I kept on trying it. And the color worked. I painted this while I was watching Real Men. It was fun.

  • Name Practice - Every one keeps telling me that I should sign my name to my paintings. I keep saying that's not how I was trained at school. In fact, they wouldn't let us sign our names. We had to use little cards in/on the back of the painting. This was great, except people kept stealing paintings. I don't think I ever heard of a semester that someone's work wasn't stolen. But then there was the fact that I have *always* hated the way I sign my name in paint. Hated it. But I thought, oh heck, I'll practice. And, as I was practicing - I guess because I was ready - I found one I could live with. And I went ahead and played around some with the paint while I was at it. Practiced measuring. (2nd Week of May)

  • Name Decided - This is the signature from the painting I did of stohli. She just looked too cute sitting in front of the blinds. (2nd Week of May)

  • Color Cat - So I'd been reading more on the use of color and Painting "Fun." So I decided to try out painting "Fun" It worked I think. (3rd Week of May)

  • Gabrielle Painted - And as soon as I finished the Color Cat painting I needed to try something else out. (3rd Week of May)

  • Callisto Painted - A couple of days later, and whoa did she turn out well. Which was reassuring, because I wasn't so hot on the way the Gabrielle painting came out, though I sure learned a lot from her.

  • Xena Painted - Last night I was feeling terrible. I knew I needed to paint and didn't feel like it, but finally was "pressured" most gently into it. So i popped in a X:WP tape and watched an episode and painted it. It was the episode where Joxer gets beat up for some gold and Xena gets pissed and decides to destroy a bad guy's life and profit at gambling. (June 3, 2003)

I think there has been some definite leaps of consciousness there. This is one of the joys of doing art, I think. In the meantime I've been writing, editing, paying with 3d images, taking photos now and then, drawing (a lot) and just whatever was in the moment.


Angel pic scribble

Angel pic scribble2 Just some goofing around with some oil sticks...


Paintings/Drawings done

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