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Art Journals
I've now been on a journaling kick for a couple of years now. I am up to: 52 (050403).
Sound Files
I've figured out how to make some sound files. Now I'm all excited about the possibilities. My question for myself is, though, do I put the sound file in a seperate space, in expressions OR in the library (especially when it's a poetry reading). Decisions Decisions.
Digital Video and Photography
Now that I have a camera I've been putting it to good use. Taking photos and video left and right. Instructing students on how to use it, in case they need it. It's been a great lot of fun and I wonder why I didn't start on this sooner.
Now that it's back in vogue, and I don't mean that badly, I have been gratified to see more flags waving and people taking pride in their citizenship. I know I've always been confused by those who have fussed about America being a big terrible. I learned long ago, because my dad was in the military, that there was no country like it and that America truly is one of the greatests. I am proud to be an American
I'm currently involved in online RPGS. I run bearblue's house of almost anything goes (bhoaag). I particpate in two others. It's loads of fun, if a little timeconsuming. But it's like anything, if you do a little at a time, it goes a long way.

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