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BardCon2002 Report

Great Panels! Fabulous People!

You know how it is, when there is almost too much to say. It's easier just to talk it out than to sit there and try and think of everything there was to experience.

I got there early, on Friday night. I talked with Joe and Danielle a bit, got to see their cutie baby, and then went back to my room, got online and then offline, and then pretty well conked out.

I woke up WAY early for me, since I work nights, and got my ass out of bed and into the shower so I could wake up. Then I took myself to the sign up desk. There I got to meet CN, Mr. CN and Heartbroken. I was there pretty early, but there were folks already talking with each other and getting their cameras ready. I was really excited to meet Taylor and TNovan, who were also there somewhat early, since they had let me beta read their next novel. Woohoo!

Soon things began to fill up as people came in to register.

There was something for everyone. This wasn't just a con for the Xena Subtext Fandom, but for anyone who wrote fiction or was a fan of that fiction. The panels I attended were really interesting.

I attended the Xena Live II Play that night, after being stuck in traffic and fearing that I wouldn't make it. The play was GREAT! Don't listen to the critics if they said it wasn't. If they weren't fans of X:WP to begin with they wouldn't get it anyway. The show was a great satire and the actors were terrific in it. I had a very good time and clapped wildly at the end.

They put on a special question and answer session afterwards, which was quite lively. I did have some videography questions, but by the time I was ready to stick my hand up the time was gone. Darn.

The next day was more panels and more fan fiction fun, but I didn't get much in the way of pics because I was on three panels that day. How did I manage that? Well it was okay. I got to talk techy geek stuff and chat fanfiction with folks. I got to meet CJ Wells, but the photo I did take of her came out blurry darn it. Or I would have shared. And I got to meet KD Bard and Mayt and Midget, who wrote Cold.

I have to admit here that I was having a fine time meeting all these people, but after a bit I was kind of overwhelmed by it all. There were so many.

And I found out that I did, in fact, have a fan base...a vocal fan based, who seemed to focus a lot on wanting a couple of stories of mine continued. Oh my.

I told them that the reason I hadn't continued with the Healer was that I had the awareness that I knew Nothing about Chin and that I simply wasn't quite where I wanted to do research. Suddenly there were many MANY volunteers.



I had a big whompin' big headache coming on by the time the panels were over. I guess a front must have been moving through (that's usually when I get them.) I toddled off to my room again and really contemplated not going to dinner.

Boy am I glad that I got online and Raven said, "Take a Nap and Go!"

The nap helped, but the headache didn't go away. But I went, because I felt good enough again.

This time there wasn't that much of a traffic jam. I drove once more into the heart of Chicago and was on time to see the end of the raffle. Darn. Trish Shields snagged the T-Shirt which had been signed by all of the bards! (Again the too darn fuzzy photo, or I would have shown).

We went to eat at Tomboys. We were sat down at LOOONG row of tables and I sat on the end by the door. It took the restaraunt staff a bit to get going as far as serving the food, so I got to know a few folks a little better. The problem was, because of my hearing, I could hardly hear them. I constantly felt like I needed them to shout. Which caused me to drift down in conversation a bit and just focus on eating when the food arrived.

Sometime before the food arrived a lady in a red dress came in selling roses. At first I wasn't going to purchase one, because I was worried about gas money. But then I thought, what the hey. I got one and it was PERFECT. It smelled great, was crimson and soft.

Trish said, "What are you going to do with that?"

I said, "I don't know." I looked at the dearth of food and said, "Maybe I'll eat it."

Well, eventually the meal did arrive and it was scrumptious! Okay some things are worth waiting for. And I know the people sitting by me heard the moans of appreciation I was uttering. Couldn't help myself. Good tasty stuff does that too me.

I was near the end of the meal when Elizabeth Laidlaw, the woman who played Xena in the Xena Live play arrived. Oh my!

I was also at the end of my headache. It was time for me to go home.

I said my farewells to my end of the table and then I decided to go say goodbye to everyone on the other end.

Something tapped my insides and looked down at the rose and grabbed it. I'm a big believer in divine timing and Suddenly I knew who the rose was for. I strode up the table, shook hands farewell and gave the rose to Elizabeth, saying thank you.

The next thing I knew I was wrapped up in fine big hug from she who channelled Xena.


And then, on that note I left.

It was my very first Perfect Exit.

I think I practically skipped to my car.

And I'm not sure how I got to the hotel later, because you know, I don't quite remember the drive.

But I sure remember that hug.

My suggestion for those who didn't make it, or thought this was going to be bogus? Go to the next one. It'll be worth it.

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