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Old Debts Repaid by Apollo
Argo's Cargo by BadBard
The Bard Is Back by BadBard
Group Therapy by BadBard
Hope is Here to Stay by BadBard
My Murderess by BadBard
Passing on the Pain by BadBard
The Retreat by BadBard
Virgin Goddess by BadBard
You Can Keep Your Hat On by BadBard
Zina, Ze Zooter by BadBard
Jealousy by Bongo Bear
Deus Ex Gabrielle by Chris M
Li'l Hope 'n' Annie by Chris M
The Morning After 'A Day in the Life' by Chris M
Reconstructing Harry by Chris M
Aspen's Child by Culprit
In Her Eyes by JLPeterson
Incedental Tourist by JLPeterson
Just Another Tale by JLPeterson
Alternatives of the Heart by Lyssa
The King of Hearts by Marista
The Dance by Shalon
Tending Her Heart by Shalon
Cat's Meow by sHaYcH
Cat Scratch Fever by sHaYcH
Birthday present! by Kira "SKAZKA"
A LOVE STORY by Tympany(Dreamer)




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