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Please remember that DISCLAIMERS are there for a reason. They are meant as a courtesy by the author to the reader and as a caution to those who might need to know a little more about the material within a text before reading. Some content on this site may be mature and/or violent. READ with CAUTION: Content on this site ranges from G - NC17.


Some stories contained in this xenaverse may not be FINISHED! If you come across a story that seems to be missing a piece, it is. The story is NOT finished. I will post the chapter as it becomes available.

Stories which have the word: BETA in them are NOT finished. The BETA chapter is not the concluding or finished version of that chapter or story.

Finished stories will either have no link to continue on to, OR will have the words FINISHED, COMPLETE or END within the body of the document.

Thank you!

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