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Warrior/Sub/Domme/Master/Slave/Switch: Fisher is Fisher. She thinks she’s just an archer and a member of the daywalker clan. Thus, she can identify as a warrior. But the rest remains undefined for her.

Age: Older than she looks. Mortal years: 20ish. Daywalker years: She lost count because age isn’t important to her.

Sex: F

Gender Preference: Pansexual Poly

Description of Character: She's humanoid and Blonde. Eyes: Beautiful and subject to change. Only no one can say just how they change. They just do. Also, she is Just Right in the height and weight – Always. No one knows how she does that either. She has full, sweet, very kissable lips. Full soft looking breasts, the kind you could nap in or play with forever. She is shapely, but muscular. She could throw you quite a distance if she doesn’t like you.

She has an attractive aura – literally. She doesn’t know it, but those who get close enough may find themselves experiencing an unexpected yearning. This is not intentional on her part. Oddly, there are never so many suitors that she can’t handle it. Only the ones who she is destined “for” or to be with (for whatever length of time) find their way to her, but everyone experiences “the draw,” to some extent.

There is a caveat to this. Fisher is on "divine" time (again, something she doesn't know). What this means is that sometimes she'll be with the one who will take her to the "next" closest to her destiny, but not necessarily affect them the way she usually does. (Another answer may be that these people are usually totally unwilling to part with whatever their wound is.) Thus her relationship with someone who does not appear to be healed by being with her. This is why it has taken so long to discover her true nature. (Other than that she hasn't been ready to face it yet).

She loves in whatever ways is necessary to bring the most serenity/healing/joy/peace to her lover (s). She doesn’t know she does this and neither do most people (yet). The Princes of the Clan may be beginning to understand the profundity (is that a word?) of her nature, but it is something that has yet to be really discovered and claimed by Fisher. When she does discover it – Watch out! She will be a Power to be Reckoned With. However, Her saving grace will be her tender gentleness and honest modesty of personality.

Clothes: Amazonian in appearance, when she happens to be wearing clothes. She keeps her bow and arrows near at all times. She is a pure, dead on shot. She looks good in whatever she happens to be wearing at the time, even if it’s just leather cuffs.

General: Fisher is love and joy personified. She is an untapped well of a special kind of energy that never ceases and there is always plenty of. She is the balm to souls. She just doesn’t know she is. She thinks she’s normal.

Species/Race: Daywalker

Region of birth: Someplace very north of here.

Parents: -She doesn’t remember.

Spouse -husband/wife: N/A (yet)

Siblings -She doesn’t remember.

Children: -son(s)/daughter(s): N/A

Background: Fisher came to the Haven as part of Taryn's clan. She has no idea that she is important in anyway. But there is much more to her than meets the eye. She is sweet faced and charming and rarely bears malice towards anyone. If she has malice you can be darn sure there is a reason. She can be deadly when she needs to be, but that is part of the nature of the Daywalker and she accepts that about herself.

Specialized Weapon(s)/talents: To be discovered as we play. Something magickal for sure. Possible skills: Knife and Bow.

Goal(s): Her goals are very modest. She simply wishes to add to the serenity of her clan leader. However, her destiny may be something even greater.

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