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Name:  Maria Teresa Josephine diPietro
Rank:  Ensign on the USS Aasgard
Age: 22
Sex: Female

Gender Preference: Polyamorous, Pansexual - If the being is intelligent, compatible, and she finds the being attractive, well...anything is possible.  However, she's not quite a slut. She likes to get to know her sweeties first.  Of course, some sweeties can be known within five minutes and others can take years, so there you go.

Description: Just call her Maria or Ensign diPietro.  Don't try to say her full name.  Maria is Brunette.  She is 5'6".  She has green eyes and skin that tans to a nice bronze.  She is mediteranean in features.  She is cheerful and outgoing.  She is a dead on marksman with a phaser, knife, baseball or whatever else she gets her hands on.  Caution:  Maria is as sweet a tempered person you will ever find, but If she's mad enough make sure you remove anything throwable because she will bean you but good.  A fortune cookie she once opened read:  You will earn the respect of the Klingons.  This is probably why.

General:  Maria's parents had ambitions for this young brunette.  They originally intended for her to be placed in the office of an admiral with a nice cushy deskjob.  Yet, somehow she has ended up aboard ship, perhaps through a hidden mentor.  To the everyone's surprise, except for the mentor, Maria took to shipboard life like a duck to water.  She loves space and has no interest in settling down planet side.  At least not for a very long time. 

Maria's marks were not particularly brilliant, but her parents have ties that weave through the federation brass.  That's the only reason she made it into the Academy.   At first her peers resented her for the way she got into Star Fleet, but Maria has several saving graces. She has a good sense of humor.  She is unaffected by the influence that her parents have.  She is quite intelligent and creative. 

Species/Race:  Human and smarter than she looks.

Place of Birth: Earth

  -Father: Joseph Albert Montgomery diPietro
  -Mother: Juliet Antionette Maria diPietro

  -husband/wife: N/A - but she has ambitions for a group family at some point.

  - Brother(s)/Sister(s):
Angelina Katherine Colette diPietro (Younger Sister)
Franz Enrique Joseph diPietro (Older Brother)
George Alphonse Montgomery diPietro (Younger Brother)

  -son(s)/daughter(s)  N/A

Graduate of Starfleet Academy

Specialized Field of Study: Nanotechnology, Cybernetics

Goal(s):  To wiggle out of the plans her parents have and live her own life.

Hobby(ies): Target practice.  Okay, that's a joke, but not too much of one.  Her holodeck exercise (sp) time combines martial arts with her prediliction for throwing things, or firing weapons.  She especially likes to turn off the gravity. This makes her unusually facile in this kind of environment.  Maria likes to "test" herself, to see if she can be faster, quicker than she was before.  She's very, what's the word, dexterous.   Flexible might also apply.  She, however, doesn't necessarily look like she is.  She has the some of the roundness of her genetic background.

Maria enjoys dinking about with hardware, particularly weaponry and cybernetics.  She was one of the few who weren't scared by the outward appearance of the borg, though she was completely sober about the results of their abuse of technology.  She also paints, reads romance novels, and has a variety of other interests.

Current Assignment:  Engineering. She'd rather tweak the phasers of the ship than be put on guard duty.  Though her skills might suggest a talent towards security, she has no interest in it.  However, she is open to whatever roster assignment she is given.

Other:  Can't think of anything else right now, except she has no idea who the "mentor" is.

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