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Character in CDarkHaven

Free Played

Warrior - Switch

Age: 110

Sex: F

Gender Preference: Pansexual Poly

Description of Character: She's humanoid. Dark, long hair. Hazel Eyes. Middle height. Full lips. Shapely, but muscular.

Clothes: Subject to change depending upon the scenario.... Beginning look: Deerskin leggings, Brown Cloth Blouse. Knife with Knife holder on belt. Deerskin boots. Hair wrapped in bun in leather netting.

General: Forest Elf finds herself in an unfamiliar mountainous place. What she is doing here even she doesn't know.

Species/Race: Elf

Region of birth: Someplace foresty


-Father: Ranger type elf
- Chael -Mother: Magickal healer homebody type - Nahdrah

Spouse -husband/wife: N/A (yet) (heck, maybe both by the time things are through.)

Siblings -Brother(s)/Sister(s):

Sister -Nahel, Brother - Asdrah

Children: -son(s)/daughter(s): N/A

Background: Raised in the safety of her forest home, she is a credit to her family. While visiting a human village for a seasonal celebration, she is mistaken for someone else and finds a note upon her pillow summoning her a far mountain region. Believing the note is for her she is encouraged by her family to go out into the world and learn what she can. Specialized Weapon(s)/talents To be discovered as we play. Something magickal for sure.

Possible skills: Knife and sword fighting. Bow and Sling.

Goal(s): Enjoy life. Figure out what mystery has drawn her to this place.


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