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The software I'm using is ConquerCam. $10 with easy to use FTP (that actually works!). I'm still on the free trial to see how it works with my computer systems.

The camera is my digital camera that I take everywhere with me. The Kodak EZ 200. Yay Kodak.

To see the latest pic, you'll need to refresh. At least until I get the Javascript figured out.

Refresh rate on the cam is going to be spotty, until I figure out what works for me - and how much uploading and downloading my webhost will let me do. I have 3 gig, but I've been getting about 300 - 600 hits on my site per day! Whoa! Where are these people coming from? Not that I'm not glad to see you. But I didn't know I was so popular. *grins*

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